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Hello! I am Melanie Wilson, a designer, developer and web consultant working out of the Lane County area in Oregon since 1999.

Over the years, I have designed graphics, developed websites and consulted on variety of multimedia projects for people around the world. I have worked as an in house consultant as well as an independent contractor. I have also taught web design topics in the classroom and as a tutor.

My primary expertise is in HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery and honing content for search engine performance. I work with PHP, aspx .net and a variety of content management systems as well.

If I have one piece of advice for website owners, it’s this: Create good content!

From my years of experience, I've discovered that it really doesn't matter a lot what technology you use to present your site... it's the content that matters most. Provide valuable, relevant, and interesting content and make it easy to navigate and you'll get visitors.

Above all else, I am a mom, gardener and nature lover. Life is an amazing adventure!


About Madlantern Arts

I have been an artist for far longer than I’ve been a designer or developer. In 1999, Madlantern Arts began as (and still is) my independent online art gallery. It has gone through many revisions over the years, including tutorials, music and development examples, but the main goal remains the same: Share my unique, original art with the community.

Many of my pieces are available for the community to use for free on not-for-profit projects. A good number of those pieces you will also find available for purchase as high-resolution royalty free images, the sale of which helps the site pay for itself once in a while. ;-)